About me

I'm a software developer and PhD graduate based in Munich, Germany. I am currently working in the privacy team at DuckDuckGo. I previously worked at Cliqz, developing innovative, user-empowering, and privacy-preserving software in the browser. Specifically, Cliqz' and Ghostery's anti-tracking system, which prevents online tracking of our users. I also participate in the W3C Privacy Community Group, an attempt to standardise tracking protection approaches across browsers.

I am interested in Decentralised and Federated tech, and am a keen self-hoster. I occasionally post things on the posts page.


Senior Privacy Engineer, DuckDuckGo

2021 onwards

Tech Lead, Cliqz

2015 to 2020

As part of the privacy team at Cliqz I am primarily responsible for Cliqz anti-tracking technology. Highlights include:

Technical Consultant, University College London

March 2015

Short contract to implement a tool for the analysis of AIS shipping data. The resulting tool was open sourced and is now being used for various tasks on the Shipping in Changing Climates project.

PhD, Imperial College London

2010 to 2015

My thesis, entitled “Multi-agent Based Simulation of Self-Governing Knowledge Commons”, investigates the application of self-organising governance, as observed in social systems my political economists, to socio-technical systems which manage of information and knowledge.


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