About Me

I’m a software developer and PhD graduate based in Munich, Germany. I am currently working at Cliqz, developing innovative, user-empowering, and privacy-preserving software in the browser. Specifically, this is Cliqz’ anti-tracking system, which prevents online tracking of our users.

I completed my PhD in 2015 at Imperial College London, studying the application of self-organising governance to computational systems which gather information and knowledge. My work is published in peer-reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings, and can be found on the research page.

During my PhD I developed the open-source simulation platform Presage2, a general-purpose simulation platform for agent-based simulation written in Java. I continue to maintain this open-source project, which has a growing user-base, seeing use in three research groups and appearing in 12 academic publications to this date.

Further information about software I have developed can be found on the projects page.

I occasionally post things on the posts page.