This page lists the various open source projects I’m working on or have published.

My Projects

  • Dat Webext - A webextension allowing dat:// protocol URLs to be loaded in Firefox. Currently shipped in the beta version of the Cliqz Browser. Typescript.
  • Autoconsent - Library for automated navigation of cookie consent notices across the web. Javascript.
  • URL Parser - A fast typescript implementation of the window.URL class and spec. Up to 10x faster than other standard implementations. Typescript.
  • libdwebify - Browserify transform for polyfilling node networking libraries with libdweb replacements. Javascript.
  • dat-fox and dat-fox helper - A webextension to add dat:// support to Firefox, using only existing APIs. Superceded by Dat webext. Javascript.
  • @sammacbeth/types - Typescript annotations for node modules, including the Dat datastructures, hyperdrive and hypercore. Typescript.

Projects I contribute to

  • Cliqz Concept Browser - A Geckoview browser, forked from the reference browser that supports loading dat:// urls and includes Cliqz quick-search. Kotlin.
  • Re:Consent - A webextension giving you control over your consent settings on various websites. Javascript.
  • WhoTracks.Me - Website providing transparency about online tracking, based on Cliqz and Ghostery data. Python.
  • Ghostery Extension - Ghostery’s browser extension. Javascript.
  • Browser-core - Core Cliqz browser features. Javascript.
  • dgram-adaptor - Polyfill of the node dgram API for webextensions using libdweb. Javascript.
  • libdweb - Special webextension APIs for Firefox to enable dweb applications. Javascript.