Setting up KDE Plasma Integration in Cliqz

The KDE Plasma Integration browser extensions enables better integration between Firefox and the KDE desktop environment, for example allowing media controls to control music or video playing in the browser, and for the Plasma search widget to be able to return open browser tabs in results.

As the Cliqz Browser on Linux is also based on Firefox the Plasma Integration extension should theoretically 'just work' too. However, as the extension uses Native messaging to communicate between browser and desktop environment, a manifest file needs to be installed so that the browser knows when process to launch. To get this working in Cliqz, we can simply copy over the Firefox manifest to the appropriate location:

mkdir -p ~/.cliqz/native-messaging-hosts/
cp /usr/lib/mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/org.kde.plasma.browser_integration.json ~/.cliqz/native-messaging-hosts/

This installs the manifest for the current user, so after installing the Plasma Integration extension in Cliqz everything should be working properly!